Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ok so here are some pictures that relate to my most recent post :)

First Day of School!! July 26th...yes we start in the middle of summer!

It was a tad windy....

Oh yes, I almost forgot...Nicole and Micah and Rebekkah were able to come and visit for 2 weeks in July. The cousins love eachother so much and it was great for them to see eachother again!! We had fun bowling :)

Hannah getting her braces off.....it actually didn't hurt, it just looked like it did to me. And then to Sephora for make-up! My sweetie is growing up!

AND our new kitty Charlie....he likes to sprawl on the floor and have his stomach statched like a dog!!!

Planning, Packing and Starting School

These last couple months have flown by!! Once we got home from our trip the first order of business was to fulfill my promise to my children to buy a cat. So now we have a kitty named Charlie. I need to find a picture to post! I was not a huge fan of having an animal, but I am happy for my kiddos...I guess every kid needs a pet :) Abigail's two goldfish weren't cutting it!!

(I will find some photos for everything and post them later)

In July I went as a leader to camp with Abigail...wow, I was exhausted! Being 40 is way different than being 20 something and trying to keep up with middle schoolers!

Hannah also finally got her braces off!! It has been 3 years...felt like forever... and she looks beautiful! She was so excited. I took her to get her make-up done as well. She looks all grown up!

We also found out this last spring that our landlord is selling our house to a family member, so I started to process of trying to find a new home. Originally I thought I would find a home that we could maybe buy at some point...but seeing as how every home we looked at was smaller and cost more $$$, I lowered my expectations! We found a beautiful home in a neighborhood a few miles away that is in the school district we wanted. We move in Sept first! It is smaller and a couple hundred more dollars a month, but it will work :)

Once we found this house I registered Abigail for the neighborhood school just 3 days before school started!! Craziness!! Hannah was already going to attend the junior high there. They are both so happy in their new schools, it is such a blessing. AND they even get to ride the bus!! For the first time ever!! Yeah for me not having to drive!!

On top of that...we are traveling to England and France in October and I am furiously planning that. There are so many moving parts, it has actually been kind of a headache, even though I LOVE planning vacations. In England we will be visiting London, Oxford and Stratford upon Avon. Then we head to Normandy to spend time with Doug and Nicole. We will also go visit the chateaus in the Loire valley. Then the kids and I will end up in Paris for the last few days. The kids and I will be gone for 3 weeks, during their fall break, and David will be gone for only 2. One side benefit is a very long layover at Seatac and getting to see everyone who lives in Washington still!