Friday, January 1, 2010


David's parents were flying in and joining us for Christmas Eve, their plane was supposed to arrive at 5:15PM, but instead they arrived at we decided to go the the Christmas Eve service at church and then come home and prepare dinner. We had dinner around 9:30 and then opened we ended up having a very late night, but it was really wonderful :).

Our "santas"...the girls always get to pass out the gifts...:)

Yeah for Aero t-shirts!! Thank you cousin Austin and Seri!

Abigail being very excited about Hannah's gifts, a hair flower and zipper earings!!

Abigail opening her Nintendo DS...thank you Grandma and Grandpa Hoxworth

Hannah's new camera!! :) She loves to photograph, and now she can quit borrowing mine!

Aero sweatshirts...thank you Grandma Debe and Grandpa Martin!!! :)

Abigail bought Hannah this really cool wooden puzzle...her comment when she bought it was:
"Hannah will like this because she is patient and it has so many pieces, it would drive me crazy!!!"

This was our big present to Abigail, a sewing machine...she is so excited!!! I am going to be showing her how to use it this week....I see many shopping trips to the fabric store in my future!!

Hannah's lego set

Grandma and Grandpa opening their photo book

Christmas Morning stockings

The aftermath :)

Family Photos 09

This year's family photos :) I took the ones of the girls, and a friend of mine offered to take the ones of our family so I wouldn't have to use a tripod. The first few are my favorites and therefore made the cut to photoshop editing.
I would love to edit all my photos, because it is fun AND they look sooo much better...but alas, I do not seem to have the time!!

ooooo...isn't this one awesome?!....this one was my favorite of the girls and I especially love it in black and white....

......hmmmm a little too serious! :)

The shoes they wore (Abigail left, Hannah right)...Hannah proclaims that Converse are "dress" shoes because they are flat...yes, I believe I now am the proud parent of an irrational preteen.

Ok, these next few were taken the day prior. Needless to say they didn't work out, just when we decided to head out, the wind kicked up and then it started to rain.....

Abigail and her best friend Taylor

This would have made a great Christmas card...yes???!!!

Making Snowflakes

Another tradition that we do at Christmas time, that is from my childhood, is making snowflakes. I remember sitting in Gamie's living room and cutting out enough to fill the windows. Not that you needed them in Wisconsin! I remember being so amazed at the snowflakes that Gamie and my mom could make. Being about 4 or 5 years old at the time, mine were not so amazing :)
This year it was Hannah's turn to outdo her mom's snowflakes :), she made some of the most intricate snowflakes of any of us!! I think she has the most patience :)

don't, ask... I don't know.....she wanted this I took it!

Abigail's best friend Taylor was over, so she joined us in making them too.

Gingerbread Houses 09

Every year we make gingerbread houses....well we don't "make" them, we just buy a kit and put them together. Yes, this is the easy (yet fun) way to do it!! The girls have gotten pretty good at them over the years. We used to buy one, and then realized they just fought way too much so the whole event was not so very cheerful. Since then I have spent the extra $10 and bought two...much happier for everyone!!

Abigail getting into it!!

We have to help hold the roof so it doesn't slide off!!

Abigail's icicles :) wow!!

Hannah's scalloped roof :)

The aftermath!!!

The finished product!!!!
Hannah on the left, Abigail on the right.