Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our naughty beast...

Charlie, as it turns out is a very, very naughty kitty. He has waits till night time when no one is looking and jumps on tables and counters (when we can't get him with the spray bottle), so now he sleeps in the utility room for the night.

He also decided to find the places in our new carpet that weren't completely tucked in and claw them to death. Even with those little claw covers you put on. I have smacked him and sprayed water on him and he still does it, again...he waits till I am not looking and runs away as soon as he sees me coming!!! I have actually chased him around the house with a spray bottle.

So our very naughty beast got de-clawed. I know it is "inhumane" but... he can't go outside in arizona and I think it is just as inhumane that I would have to replace my carpet!! :)

Here he: His he can't lick his healing paws!!

New House

So here are some pix of our new home. We love it! It is smaller, but is working out great. I am getting to purge us of lots of un-needed stuff!

Hannah's room, the industrial will have a corrugated metal head board...but havn't gotten there yet :)
I must say this electric blue is the most difficult color I have ever painted, (after red) hard to get coverage! Those of you who ever ever used red paint know what I am talking about!

Abigail's room...going with the bright modern look...hopefully will last into her teen years

Her not yet on the wall art work...
Our back yard and view of the golf course...I fell in love with the view :)

View looking out our french doors, I can see it when I sit at the kitchen table

Our apple green office...I wanted to go with a fun color that I have never used and have nothing to match. I love it!!
family the right of the pix (can't see :) is the french doors to the patio
Living and Dining...not quite done with all the walls, but slowly getting there

Anniversaries and Injuries

Ugg, so our 18th anniversary was Aug 22nd. The kids were away at a friend's house and we had a nice weekend planned. Spending the day together, going out to a nice dinner and staying at a hotel in Fountain Hills. Well....David has been coaching a soccer camp and this was his last day....he walks in the house dripping with sweat and looking like someone ran him over, and announces "I think I did something really stupid, and I can't move"

That something "stupid" was showing the kids a bicycle kick and he landed on his upper back, neck and shoulders and couldn't move...guess he hadn't thought that one through..hmmm -"I am forty and already have 2 shoulder injuries" didn't cross his mind (do men ever grow up?).

So there he is standing in our bathroom and can't move his upper body. We promptly went to urgent care, hoping nothing was broken. After many hours of mostly waiting, and xrays and poking and prodding, we were told he had nothing broken and nothing dislocated, just a very inflamed back, neck and shoulders and got some potent painkillers.

Thank goodness it was nothing more than that! It made for an interesting weekend. We still made it to dinner and to the hotel... but he kind of walked like Frankenstein, which would have been humorous if he wasn't in so much pain.

I have to admit I wasn't very happy, given he couldn't lift anything for a couple weeks and we were moving...but he gradually got motion back and was able to help on moving day. That would have been good, him ordering around our friends to move our crap...haha....

I think he is finally starting to admit he is growing old....:(

View from our balcony

View from restaurant

My yummy brie cheese in phyllo appetizer....

hmmm...where is my husband...? pix together this year...I guess we have not only gotten old, but lazy ;)